A Dog-Friendly Favorite

Review of Merle’s Door

If you don’t ‘get’ the relationship that can exist between human and dog, you probably haven’t yet met your first life-altering canine. In Merle’s Door, a dog-of-a-lifetime turns up unexpectedly and endears himself irrevocably to author Ted Kerasote. The book explores their path to and through their human-canine bond. The science, history and philosophy that Kerasote injects to illustrate why dogs are as they are keeps the book in emotional check. The author challenges conventional wisdom on topics from sterilization and off-leash life to end-of-life. Some might call the author’s perspective extreme. Those are the folks whose heart has never been captured by a dog.

Lunch with Jesus

Met for lunch with Jesus
at Alice’s Restaurant,
the one that’s on the beach in Malibu.
He drove up in a beater pickup truck,
wore a robe, white linen,
a rope around his waist,
sandals on his feet.
The hostess said the lunch crowd beat us to the booths;
We’d have to wait
to have a window with an ocean view.
Jesus said he didn’t mind.
He said he had the time.