Self-publishing journey #2

Friends and family first
One suggestion made to self-publishing authors is to contact friends and family and let them know you have launched or will be launching a book.
I approach such suggestions with caution. Why? Because my friends and family are so treasured. They have my back when life gets gnarly. And I do the same for them. I ask myself if announcing a new book is like inviting them to one too many kitchen ware parties. Is an expectation of them buying something from me just plain tacky?
Discounted or free giveaway
A solution appears. I discovered that on Smashwords, authors can establish a coupon. The book can be discounted or given away for a designated period of time. Amazon offers a similar but not identical opportunity, provided the book is listed with Kindle Direct Publishing Select (KDP Select). For friends and family members, offering a book for free or at a discount feels much better to me. And, it gives me an opportunity to ask folks to review the book if they take advantage of the coupon.

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