Self-publishing journey #7

How to get MS Word to read your work to you

At a recent writers’ group meeting, we were talking about a method for having your computer read your writing to you out loud. It’s a great way to self-edit your writing, to hear those ‘clunkers’ in a proofreader’s voice. The odd extra word, dropped word or nonsense sentence stands out and you can fix it before sharing your work with real human beings.
This is a practice I began when I was writing marketing and advertising copy. It carries over well to fiction writing. I alternate between a male and female voice, and I vary the speed because I’m impatient and can listen to rapid-fire speaking.
 I found instructions, which are probably much clearer than my trying to explain the process.
 The first link here is from Microsoft Office Support for use on a PC. If you use a Mac, the instructions may be slightly different. If you have a different year edition of Word, the instructions should be fundamentally the same.
 Below are two YouTube video links. They are very short videos that can walk you through the process of enabling Text to Speech. Hope this helps!

Enable Text to speech[Speak] Option in Microsoft Word 2016 [Tutorial …

How to enable Text to Speech in Microsoft Word 2010 – YouTube

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