Self-publishing journey #4

In the quest for reviews, a thorough look through Smashwords’ suggestions to authors led me to the following site:

The Indie Reviewers List

Hundreds of reviewers are listed. Many include specific wants and don’t wants about the subjects and genres of books they will review. Some want only blood curdling mysteries. Others want anything but young adult or romance.
No one said, for example, that they would love to review a clean & sober recent historical (1996, a breakthrough year in mass communications) romantic novel categorizable as Latina fiction, with a strong female lead, around Catholic themes involving family and community, set in a small coastal village in Mexico, with conflict centered around misspent youth, t-boned love and a handful of bad-ass tourists.
Delightfully, interest has been generated. I am in contact with potential reviewers who are industry-recognized, and who are experienced at writing book reviews.

Self-publishing journey #3

Find Prospective Reviewers
Reviews help authors so much. A strategy I read recently suggested that authors go to retailers such as Amazon and find books similar to their own. Look for same category classifications. Next, make sure the book and its reviews are recent. Then comb through the reviews. If the book has 50 or 100 five star reviews, click on the reviewer name. Some of those reviewers may have a web site, or list an email address, or some way to contact them.
Now Ask
Then, ask. Naturally, you want to pass whatever vetting they desire. So, to build trust, you can add all the ways you can be located online in your email signature. Say what you like about the review that person wrote. Say why your book is similar to the one they reviewed so elegantly. Then ask if they would review your book. Offer to give them a coupon code or other means to download your book at no cost to them.
Follow the Rules, Color Between the Lines
Here is a big caveat. The reviewer may be contactable via Goodreads. Goodreads cautions authors not to hound Goodreads member/contributors about asks for a book review. They say you could get flagged. I’m a writer. I feel flogged already. I certainly don’t want to get flagged.
Does this process work? I will let you know. So far, all I know is that it takes hours and hours.