Big fish advantages for writing your own tours

Small boats in the bay at San Carlos
Small boats in the bay at San Carlos

As independent travelers who write our own tours, we often arrange for excursions. First, when we visit a destination, we research what’s available. Then, we search out a local guide and negotiate schedules and prices. Almost invariably, what we arrange costs less than posted prices. And, by doing the research on foot in town, we meet people and they get to know us.

In San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico, we found a boat captain who had finished his morning work and was willing to take us out for a bay cruise. On a different occasion, a fishing excursion also in San Carlos, we (that’s the marital ‘we,’ meaning my husband) caught a marlin that the boat captain asked if he could have. We were delighted to provide the fish so he could have it smoked to serve for his niece’s Quinceanara party. The family was waiting for us ashore to receive the gift, and the 15-year-old girl was especially gracious and pleased to receive the fish that would feed a crowd.

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