First, the municipal laundry and bath

Laundry day in Guatemala
Laundry day in Guatemala

At every new town and city we visit in Mexico and Central America, laundry is the chore that usually takes longest. So we look for a laundry first. Laundries commonly charge by weight, and require you to leave your clothing and return for it later, sometimes after a day or so. We make a point of determining the cost in advance.

Clothes for our trips are mostly casual and durable. The most dressed up occasions, such as a visit to a cathedral or a theatre, call for men to wear khaki slacks and a shirt, and for women to wear a skirt and a blouse.

After a lengthy adventure, clothes tend to take on a uniform gray undertone. This could be from soap residue, or from turbidity in the water, or from being washed against river rocks many, many times.

The above is an excerpt from an article published by RVers Online, who noted: Mary Schultz, a freelance copywriter specializing in direct response advertising, has contributed travel articles to Trailer Life and Clubmex. She and her photographer husband Bob share a love of fishing and a fascination with Latin cultures, ancient and contemporary, two interests that blend seamlessly with the RV lifestyle. They travel often and extensively throughout Mexico, and have camped through Central America to the Panama Canal. We welcome her as a contributing author to RVers Online.

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