Quest for dog parks

All dogs, especially camping dogs, need a place to run
All dogs, especially camping dogs, need a place to run

If your dog is your frequent traveling companion, finding an off-leash dog park in any destination city is probably high on your list. The same holds true for us. In our quest for dog parks in Anchorage, Alaska, we searched bring fido dot com and other local city and county resources, and found the off-leash area at Russian Jack Springs Park most favorable. The huge open meadow off Pine Street provided ample room for our large, energetic dog to run. Another park our dog appreciated was at Jewel Lake, just north of West Dimond Blvd. (yes, Dimond is the correct spelling) and west of West 88th Avenue. The lake was not excessively cold in summer. This was a hit with our dog who loves to swim and retrieve.

When we read about other dog parks in Anchorage, we found Far North Bicentennial Park mentioned, along with the park adjacent to University Lake near the University of Alaska campus off Elmore Road. We were never able to locate the off-leash area at Far North Bicentennial Park, and we heard from another dog owner that during their visit, the beavers at University Lake had been aggressive toward dogs. We prefer to steer away from wildlife when they are pesky, so we stuck with Russian Jack.

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