The free floating traveler

Some folks like unscripted travel and prefer to write their own tours. We are those folks.

The advantages of self-directed travel for us are

  • an open-ended schedule
  • infinite opportunity for surprises
  • unfamiliar rhythms and getting to know the pace of a new place

Over decades, we have used all of kinds of conveyances: RV, car, chartered boat, our own boat, commercial flight, train and more.

Yes, we have taken organized tours. And, yes, we’ve gone completely solo.

In recent times, we’re revisiting the small footprint of tent camping.

In coming posts, we’ll be talking about what travel and destinations were like then, what has happened along the way, and what our traveling life is like now.

The events are presented in hop-scotch order. We’ll jump right into the middle.

If you enjoy a post, please let us know. Leave a comment. Or, email to info[at]

Zempoala ruins in Mexico
Zempoala ruins in Mexico


We traveled through Mexico to the Panama Canal via RV (travel trailer) in the early 1990s. At the ruins of Zempoala in Mexico, we were able to pull RV rigs right on to the park grounds. As much as there was for us to see, for locals we were like the circus coming to town. Curious children and adults wanted to know all about us and our unit. These visits were a great opportunity to practice language skills.

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